Alibaug Camping – Memories for Lifelong


With technological advancement, our close ones are seemingly just a call away. However, we have become so engrossed in our hectic schedule enabled by the same technology that we seldom have a moment to ourselves let alone for our family and friends. Even if it is for a weekend, the Alibaug Camping trip gives you an opportunity to log out of your work devices and spend quality time with people who matter the most to you. Located at a distance of 98 kilometres from the bustling city of Mumbai, Alibaug is a perfect destination for a relaxing holiday, and if you wish to travel alone, do not worry because you will find great company over bonfires and a range of fun activities at the camp.

Arrival at Alibaug

There are two routes that one can take to reach Alibaug. If you wish to enjoy the verdant landscapes as you drive along NH66 or NH17, then you must leave early so that you can reach Alibaug in 4 hours. The other way offers you stunning visuals of the seascape as set sail on a ferry that departs either from Gateway of India or Ferry Wharf. You will arrive at Mandwa Jetty,about 25 minutes away from Alibaug, or at Rewas which is 40 minutes away. 

Camping in Alibaug 

The entire campsite looks straight out of a movie set with how beautifully the vibrant tents are set up and the diverse set of people only adds to the charm. As you arrive at the campsite, you are welcomed with a refreshing drink and escorted to your respective tents. After witnessing the magical sunset illuminating the vicinity with a golden hue, participate in games such as badminton, cricket, ludo, chess etc. Nowadays we hardly have time to look up from our phones. Therefore, live in the moments that you will cherish for life. Towards the latter half of the evening, a barbecue is set up. Share laughs and savour the smoky vegetarian and non vegetarian goodness. For dinner, the scrumptious Indian dishes will fill your stomachs to the brim and you definitely be satisfied. Finally, before you retire to bed, huddle up together under a warm quilt and enjoy watching your favourite movies in the company of your favorite people.

The following day starts with a glorious sunrise and a piping hot cup of tea that instantly makes your day. The water sports available at some of the beaches such as the Nagaon Beach and Revdanda Beach, is best way to spend time participating in adventure activities such as jet skiing, parasailing and Banana boat rides with your friends and family. You could also spend time amidst nature as you trek up to the various historic forts and traverse the coastal terrains. Bond over the lip-smacking Konkani dishes and explore the beautiful streets of the main city of Alibaug. As you leave this place, return with a camera roll full of precious memories. These moments are rare and you must make the most out of them.

At the Beaches of Alibaug 

Alibaug is known for its pristine golden sands and the azure waters that washes over your feet. There are numerous beaches to spend your day at and each beach offers something new. You could visit the Khilim Beach to witness the beauty of the colourful butterflies or go to offbeat locations such as Varsoli Beach for its tranquillity or try your hand at fishing at the Awas Beach. The Revdanda Beach is where your campsite is located so you will be spending most of your time here, listening to the soothing sound of the waves and whispers of the sea.

Places to Visit in Alibaug

Since Alibaug served as the maritime base for the Marathas and the Portugese people, there are several forts in Alibaug which can be accessed either by land or by water. The Kolaba Fort, the Janjira Fort and the Sagargad Fort were famously built to strategically benefit the Maratha forces. Some of the forts such as the Korlai fort where also built by the Portugese and the combination of the architecture of these two cultures is worthy of appreciation. You could indulge in the scrumptious Konkani Cuisine as well as the Maharashtrian cuisine at Patil Khanval , catch a glimpse of the stunning sea as you dine and wine at Boardwalk by Flamboyante and enjoy the ambience at Cafe Zoe. You could pay a visit to the temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman and the Someshwar temple. Last but not the least, but token presents from the handicraft and seashell jewelry stores which will remind you about the good times forever.


As you spend time amidst nature, explore new places together and have meaningful conversations under a starlit sky, you heart feels lighter and a sense of serenity ushers in. Lifelong memories are created in a short span of time and special bonds are always formed, whether with nature or with the people around you.