How can a poor student become successful in life?

A financial problem is a situation in which students don’t have money to pay their fees. A poor student has to face discrimination as snide or disparaging. These conditions many times push an individual where most of them leave their school or college as they decide to earn they must be the sole breadwinner for their family. They don’t get access to top-notch resourses. Students from poor backgrounds don’t have high emotional intelligence so they get chagrined by these conditions and leave their studies in-between. This estrangement tends to make him more feel secluded. Poverty is prominent in all communities. These parted students can be supported with financial aid. We have a multi-pronged approach to fight this situation.

Governments and NGO Programs to Mainstream these students

The government have stepped in to reduce dropout rates in educational institutions. National Education Policy 2020 has two initiatives to resolve these problems. The first initiative is to build efficient and sufficient infrastructure for all students. The second is to create innovative education centres for these deprived students.  There are several organisations that are supporting penurious students by providing education, nutrition, and wellness support. But the damning indictment of the government education policy implementation has not been passing down these benefits to the poor students. You can take Support of these programmes.

Take NGOs and Community Support

NGOs and communities are taking steps to bring about programs that are as per the needs of the community. The Community are engaging to support these families with all wherewithal and that has been probably the reason why we have been embracing improvement in drop-out rates for the year 2021-22. ]

Think Big

You must have a plan to come out of this impasse. Your will and commitment will make you overcome all your enfeeblement. Your goal must be realistically achievable within your set deadline. Chart out your approach before you start doing anything. If you don’t have a learning orientation then build interest in seeking knowledge and skill. The frailty that you are going to show in your work only reflects your weakness.

Have a Goal

You must have a realistic goal. The goal must be short-term and long-term. Have a road map for the goals and change your strategies as you meet new challenges. Analyse your progress in short intervals and take decisions on the basis of them,

Hard Work and Dedication

Hard work and dedication are quintessential when it comes to success. Your efforts will render the results. Believe in your hard work and dedication. The exertion with which you are going to finesse any skill has to be far more than other privileged ones. Most successful candidates are from the poor background. Just work like a trojan and you will achieve all that other well off do have. Your success doesn’t depend on your financial condition and if you are the best in your field then nobody can stop you from succeeding.

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