Dooku endeavored to help you kill the Jedi himself, however, was also foiled in the tries to intercept the latest Huttlet

Dooku endeavored to help you kill the Jedi himself, however, was also foiled in the tries to intercept the latest Huttlet

Within the incapacity, Ventress is actually obligated to get in touch with Dooku and you may explain to him and you will Jabba new Hutt you to definitely Skywalker had murdered Rotta ahead of she you’ll intervene. Regardless if Dooku got expected she at least were able to kill the Jedi just after shedding control of the newest Huttlet, she accepted one to Skywalker got fled and is actually now toward their answer to Tatooine-ostensibly to help you kill Jabba, but in fact to go back the fresh new offense lord’s son. Sooner or later, Skywalker and you will Tano were able to submit Rotta back to Jabba’s Castle, convincing the fresh new elder Hutt one Dooku and the Confederacy was actually misleading him. The newest fiasco resulted in the brand new Republic and you can Hutt clan establishing an excellent treaty from venture, a life threatening setback towards the Separatist end in.

Rugosa outreach goal [ ]

At the beginning of the battle, adopting the outbreak of one’s Battle regarding Ryloth, Dooku’s spies learned that new Republic found to ascertain an agreement towards the Toydarian people that would allow the structure out of an excellent likewise have depot in their territory. With this guidance, Dooku sent Ventress in order to Rugosa that have a significant military withdrawal so you’re able to encourage Katuunko that Toydarians will be get in on the Confederacy off Separate Solutions rather than the Republic. The fresh apprentice showed up into the Rugosa just before both the fresh Jedi or even the king to help you jam communication and you can arranged one or two Munificent-group superstar frigates not far from the fresh new moon. She encountered Katuunko on his arrival to your appointment location, and though he had been wary of their visibility, Ventress in hopes him one to she try there just due to the fact an effective messenger getting Count Dooku. Just like the amount explained the new invasion to the queen via holographic alert, the two Munificent-class frigates jumped with the star system and interested the fresh new recently turned up Republic frigate which had been ferrying Yoda on moon. The Confederate warships easily overrun the newest Jedi Master’s, but he was able to make they towards facial skin which have around three clone troopers on board a getaway pod.

The Toydarians, prior to now simple from the dispute, offered to practice miracle negotiations into the simple moon out-of Rugosa between Jedi Grand Grasp Yoda and you can Queen Katuunko off Toydaria

In the event the Republic frigate fled the machine, Ventress insisted so you’re able to Katuunko that it was an obvious indication of this new Jedi’s inferiority; not, he didn’t yet believe their unique and you can try treated whenever Yoda called your on the avoid pod’s crash webpages. The Toydarian is eager to do business with the newest Grand Master and you can try certainly displeased with Ventress’ attack, nevertheless the ebony-top apprentice piqued their attention which have an offer to do an effective reveal out-of force: she ideal that she you may confirm the fresh new Confederacy’s quality from the sending their unique forces to capture the fresh Jedi Grasp. In the event that Yoda were to eliminate her grip and you can reach the newest rendezvous of the nightfall, the brand new king you will think themselves absolve to join the Republic; if you don’t, she asked him to adopt an alliance into the Separatists. Whilst queen discover the very thought of pushing their visitor into the an examination out-of race distasteful, Yoda recognized the new conditions, and you may Ventress accessible to supply the diminutive Jedi a reasonable struggle.

not, a reasonable fight was never their unique plan. Immediately after contacting Dooku, Ventress oversaw the latest implementation away from the full battalion comprising B1 battle droids, B2-collection extremely race droids, and you can Armored Violence Tanks and tasked their particular droid leader, 224, having hunting down and you can eliminating Yoda with his retinue. Ventress remained next to Queen Katuunko because they monitored the latest Jedi’s progress compliment of Rugosa’s coral forest. 224 regularly updated the brand new Dathomirian to your droids’ advances, in the course of time revealing you to definitely the pushes had engaged this new Yoda and you may pushed him towards sanctuary. Katuunko is actually obviously rooting on the Jedi and Nicaragua-naiset you may contacted Yoda in order to show his success, but Ventress caught their communicator from your and you can floor they that have her uncovered hand, vowing so you can profit the tournament. 224 called their particular again at night, claiming that the Jedi had been found from the Confederate pushes and you can is simply resting regarding the wasteland ahead of a column out of droids and you will violence tanks. Ventress insisted that they eliminate the Jedi quickly, but Yoda been able to destroy all tanks and you will droids, doing a scene from cig and you will exhaustion obvious regarding rendezvous point. This new apprentice attempted once again to get hold of 224, but is told by a different droid you to definitely their particular chief got destroyed of the Yoda. Katuunko got that it given that an indication of win, but Ventress refused to surrender and sent a large group from droidekas to get rid of the work.